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Buck Brew Deer Attractant BottleBuck Brew is a "One of a Kind", 100% All Natural Deer Attractant that was developed to quickly draw deer into an area and keep them coming back time and time again. Buck Brew is a highly desirable curiosity scent attractant that can be used where baiting of deer is illegal because it is not a food source.

Buck BrewWhether it's scouting with trail cameras, early season bow or late season gun hunting, Buck Brew's drawing power will keep the deer coming back to that area for 10–14 days, depending on the weather conditions. Buck Brew is a non-urine-based scent that is extremely effective in attracting deer during any season, even the nocturnal dominant bucks during the peak of rut.

Discovered more than 10 years ago, we put Buck Brew through extensive field testing and it has been proven to be extremely effective in bringing in all deer, all the time, any season, anywhere!